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Cellevator  is a dependable code-compliant cellular communicator for elevators to replace your existing and expensive traditional telephone lines with a more cost effective solution.


Cellevator  is also an excellent cost effective solution for Area-of-Refuge Assistance, Two-Way-In-Building communications systems, pool phones, and other communicators requiring telephone voice communications.


There are two different options with Cellevator Voice! Customers can utilize the standard Cellevator Voice product that comes with one (1) two-way voice communicator or they can install Cellevator Dual. Dual comes with all the same features as the standard but with an added component for an extra voice channel.





  • 24 hour battery backup time with a minimum of 4hrs talk time

  • More cost effective than traditional phone lines

  • Easy and simple installation process

  • Installs near your existing telephone interface

  • Dependable and well built technology with available monitoring

  • Excellent customer service! (ditch the phone company)

  • Cellevator Dual comes with all this as well as an added component for a second voice channel


  • Consumes less than 2 watts

  • Can be installed on elevator cab

  • Optional hardwired transformer

  • FCC approved, UL listed communicator

  • Optional power supervision relay

  • Cost effective cellular elevator communications with dependable code compliant technology


  • Blue Cabinet with white backing and a set of 2 keys 

  • 1 Cellevator POTS=to=LTE communicator 

  • non-supervised power supply

  • Wall plug-in transformer 

  • 2x tilt/swivel LTE antennas

  • RJ-11 Plug

  • RJ-11 cheater cable 

  • Manual

Upgrade Options:

  • 2x communicators in 1 cabinet 

  • Supervised Power Supply ​

  • Hardwired Transformer 

  • Add 1x external LTE antenna w/o cable, w/10ft cable, or w/20ft cable 

  • Add 1x 12V 8Ah battery 

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