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The Cellevator  was first introduced in 2009. Since that time cellular networks continue to become more compatible and reliable. So much so, that many buildings don't have traditional phone lines - save for elevators.


Emergencies can happen anywhere, especially elevators. We want to make sure that every area is covered so that no one has to worry about reaching out for help in the event of an emergency.

With over ten years in the business you can trust that we both know what we're doing and how to save you money doing it. We offer high quality service at a fraction of the price and above all else we guarantee quality and commitment to you, the customer. 


Why Cellevator?

Why Cellevator

Other companies offer a similar service to us, but they offer their products at a premium price that's far too high and impossible to keep up with. We at Cellevator believe that safety is a basic human right, not only for those that can afford it, that's why we offer our products at a reduced price that's both reasonable and makes a profit for us and the dealer while saving the customer money. Contact us below to learn more about how we can save you and your customers money on a life-saving product.


Be it for an elevator, pool, or park. Trust that Cellevator has you covered. 

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