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Emergency Elevator Phone Monitoring

Emergency Elevator Phone


Keep your own monitoring or Cellevator can provide remote monitoring for your elevator, Area of Rescue Assistance or Two-Way In Building Communications System for your elevator lobbies.  We make it simple!


One year Verizon Wireless airtime monitoring for each line, Includes up to 500Mb data per month in the base plan.

Superior Service

We Pride ourselves on being a step above in customer service. We have dedicated staff available to answer all your questions and concerns.

No Run around

We wont transfer you a hundred times and put you on hold like the phone companies. Their service wastes your time and money. We understand you want things done as simply as possible!

Done right the first time

We do it right or we don't do it at all! We ensure our work is quality and wont need service again in another year because of poor installation standards.

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We saved this customer thousands, and we can help you save too!

Peloton Residences Apartments switched to cellular elevator monitoring and saved $415 per month, that's over $4,500 a year, on just one property. We reduced their costs by around 78 percent!  

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