Emergency & Pool Phones

Indoor Swimming Pool
Save Money on Emergency & Pool Phone telephone lines.

Emergencies can, and do, happen at any time, especially around pools in public places. Be prepared, keep your company and your tenants safe with an emergency telephone within easy reach in your public swimming areas. We provide safety for your tenants and simplicity for you. allowing you to provide a higher quality service, for a lower cost.

With a dependable 24hr backup battery, Cellevator has you covered even in the event of a power outage or maintenance. With over 25 years in fire protection and safety monitoring our company has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the installation process in a smooth and fast manner, while also saving you money by cutting your need to pay for traditional phone lines!

Your All-In-One Solution!


Cellevator communicators include a rechargeable backup battery, transformer, and even a length of cable for easy installation.  Have your team install, or reach out to us for a turnkey installation.  We make it easy!


Professional installation is available available throughout Wisconsin and our team can usually do all your installation and setup in one trip!


Keep your own monitoring or Cellevator can provide remote monitoring for your elevator, Area of Rescue Assistance or Two-Way In Building Communications System for your elevator lobbies.  We make it simple!


Unlike our competition you will not need to change your batteries after every power failure!  Our backup battery automatically recharges and has a five year life expectancy!