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Elevator Emergency Monitoring

Save Costs with Cellular Elevator Communication

Because your elevator is already too expensive

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Cellevator Voice

Cellevator Dual

Cut Telephone Costs 

Cellular Elevator communications can cut your phone line costs by up to 70%, saving you thousands per year! Don't keep paying for expensive and outdated landlines.

Dependable Compliant Technology

Cellevator  equipment offers 24 hours + of elevator talk time and works as well or better than your land line! Cellevator  meets all the requirements of ASCME 17 for elevator communication lines.



No More Headaches

Are you sick of dealing with the phone company? We answer our phone with a real person, and you can reach us 24/7 for emergency support if necessary. No more frustrating phone recordings.

All-In-One Solution


Cellevator  communicators include a rechargeable backup battery, transformer, and even a length of cable for easy installation.  Have your team install, or reach out to us for a turnkey installation.  We make it easy!



Professional installation is available throughout Wisconsin and our team can usually do all your installation and setup in one trip!


Keep your own monitoring or Cellevator  can provide remote monitoring for your elevator, Area-of-Rescue-Assistance or Two-Way In Building Communications System for your elevator lobbies.  We make it simple!



Unlike our competition you won't need to change your batteries after every power failure!  Our easily replaceable backup battery automatically recharges and has a five year life expectancy!

We saved this customer thousands, and we can help you save too!

Peloton Residences Apartments switched to cellular elevator monitoring and saved $415 per month, that's over $4,500 a year, on just one property. We reduced their costs by around 78 percent!  

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Cut Your Expenses in Half or More!

Replace your elevator phone lines with cellular and save a fortune!

Our products reduce our customers costs by 70% on average.

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